The future starts with an accurate map


Built in partnership with the CSIRO, the Terrus is a lightweight, portable mobile scanner that excels in digitising underground, hard to reach and troubling environments that are typically hard to map. Rapidly document and manage large-scale assets in real-time with a simple, fast and intuitive solution.

We are currently working with asset owners that need to create and manage large-scale maps. The Terrus can create, manage and conform maps to survey control on device using a fast and simple user interface.



Terrus is the optimal tool for mapping underground mines and hard to reach places.



Use the Terrus as a rapid capture tool to track and manage change of large-scale assets.



Use the Terrus to capture rapid and accurate volumetrics of both covered and uncovered stockpiles.



Capture large-scale GIS maps rapidly with the Terrus. See and review maps before you leave site.


Stream global maps directly to the cloud with OrbisFuse. With all your data stored on-site and under your control, focus shifts to map perception instead of map acquisition. Get ahead of the the curve by developing custom machine learning algorithms to seamlessly run as maps are ingested.

Enquire today to log in to the OrbisFuse cloud and interact with your asset data.

Tough and rugged. Made for harsh environments.

Rapid Mapping With Ease

Fit the TerrusM to a vehicle and capture large-scale maps of the underground with ease.

Ready For Harsh Environments

The Terrus is ruggedised and fully-sealed ready for the challenge of harsh and tough environments.

Survey For Conformance

Use survey control to get the best of both words. Rapid mobile mapping with the power of survey accuracy!

Reach out to AutoMap

We are building a global distributor network focused on the latest generation SLAM capabilities.

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