Features and Benefits

Store all data and infrastructure on site
Add custom operations that are triggered when new map data is ingested
Scale the application elastically as your map grows
Manage enterprise assets from a singular data source

Automatic Asset Management

Leverage OrbisFuse to get a head start on artificial intelligence to power your custom asset management pipeline. Enquire today to find out more on how OrbisFuse will allow you to manage change on large-scale assets without scalability issues.

Enterprise AssetCloud

The TerrusM is a highly evolved, ultra-low drift mapping system used for reality capture, GIS or large-scale survey applications. Globally accurate, colourised maps are generated on system as either a .las or .ply format using 4x 4k colour cameras located about the perimeter of the sensorpack. Whether it be walking or driving, the TerrusM creates rapid large scale maps of challenging and difficult environments. Move into the world of mobile scanning with the TerrusM to take advantage of the next generation mass data, survey equipment today.

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