Fast MobileMapping

The TerrusM is a highly evolved, ultra-low drift mapping system used for reality capture, GIS or large-scale survey applications. Globally accurate, colourised maps are generated on system as either a .las or .ply format using 4x 4k colour cameras located about the perimeter of the sensorpack. Whether it be walking or driving, the TerrusM creates rapid large scale maps of challenging and difficult environments. Move into the world of mobile scanning with the TerrusM to take advantage of the next generation mass data, survey equipment today.

Cave and underground mining assets
Rapidly capture BIM and tight indoor spaces
Road and GIS environments
Large scale survey and accurate mass data applications

Globally Accurate Maps

The TerrusM is able to realign maps on device in order to mitigate ‘SLAM drift’. Capture accurate large scale global maps that are re-projected into a global frame. Speed up your data capture process significantly by moving to the next generation TerrusM reality, GIS and survey capture tool.

The TerrusM scanner is a mobile mapping platform that can easily be fit to light and large vehicles. Operating at low driving speeds, the TerrusM can collect map data rapidly in busy environments with ease using a simple touch screen interface. Powered by the latest generation Wildcat engine, the TerrusM is the perfect tool for large construction, mining, port, plant and rail operators as they manage their changing asset.
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