Bridging the professional networking gap

between the brightest Web3-centric students and industry leaders In Web3. 

What is Spawn?

Spawn is a 3-month fellowship for 20 talented, ambitious Web3 students. 

We give Web3-native students the support they need by fostering professional networks and relationships with industry leaders and connecting self-motivated, innovative students.

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What does Spawn do

“Your network is your net worth.”

Travel and Events:

We aim to provide all fellows of the first cohort with a full-expenses paid trip to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for NFT Expoverse: an opportunity for extraordinary collaboration with the whole cohort and industry leaders. We are working to secure speaking arrangements for our fellows to speak at this event: an outlandish opportunity for any student!

We will unite all students face-to-face and host 4 unforgettable ‘Student x Industry’ networking events during the first cohort.


John Donne


We connect students with local industry leaders, allowing students proper mentorship while providing executives with vibrant talent in the area. We aim to facilitate lasting and productive connections by starting students with introductory calls, which can lead to in-person coffee chats, meet-ups, meals, and more.

Podcasting and interview opportunities allow fellows to talk with industry heavyweights through informational, educational, and inspirational conversations.


Spawn places students in the highest-paying, highest-valued jobs on the market. Exclusive market testing opportunities allow fellows to work hand-in-hand with blockchain’s emerging technology developers. Spawn solves the disconnect between education and the on-ramping into professional careers.

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Why is Spawn needed?

Our fellowship provides students with an abundance of opportunities.

We provide an outlet for self-motivated, Web3-native students to connect with goal-orientated, mission-driven students, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Students have the readiness, inventiveness, and adeptness but may lack the proper network, connections, and resources to take their journey in Web3 to the next level. Young talent wants high-value, high-paying jobs but currently settle for entry-level roles. Students can enhance their careers with hard skills but struggle without a quality, professional network.

Spawn fosters a network of like-minded students, allowing for the ultimate cross-pollination of imaginative ability. We are popping the college bubble many students find themselves in and expanding their network through real-life experiences.

We equip companies with exposure, traction, and talent.

Companies rely solely on resume databases for hiring needs – an antiquated and inefficient method. Companies can rely on our rigorous filtering system to do the dirty work of recruiting. We are home to the passionate pioneers of the future, an incredibly sought-after resource for companies seeking enthusiastic talent. Executives can mentor and guide future entrepreneurs to leave a legacy with tomorrow’s world-changers.

Brand awareness and traction among the student demographic are essential for companies, and we provide an incredible medium for them to do so through our in-person and online events, sponsored travel, hackathons, and more.

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About the Team

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