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FOXinGREEN is the developer of CloudSWARM, a highly optimized last-mile delivery platform.

Our team includes top logistics and mobility technology experts that are focused on efficiency, smart cities, and end-user experience.

CloudSWARM utilizes Swarm Intelligence AI to generate unprecedented asset utilization resulting in proven, major benefits such as:


CloudSWARM Teleport

A virtual delivery solution for home delivery logistics enables anyone from small retailers to large logistics centers to seamlessly integrate the capability to schedule and deliver items to end customers at significantly lower costs and with complete scheduling flexibility.

CloudSWARM Dispatcher

A complete delivery driver management mobile app that includes tracking, POD, and service quality control, enabling professional delivery vehicle operators to maximize their assets and generate up to 30% more revenue per vehicle.

CloudSWARM CitySmart

Built to accommodate the modern smart city vision, CitySmart is an end-to-end solution for municipalities that target the reduction of congestion, accidents, and pollution. The system drastically reduces the use of large trucks used for city deliveries.


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We believe that in the very near future customers will expect their purchases to arrive on the same day, at low cost and with the best level of service.

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