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Hi. We’re Slarti

Running a business is not easy.

It takes creativity, risk-taking, and intelligence. And most importantly, heart.


All of these become invincible when partnered with the right technology.


Slarti was built to help businesses migrate their infrastructure to the cloud so you can take more control and get security, reliability, and scalability.

We migrate your WordPress website to the Cloud:

Within minutes

In just a few clicks

No technical knowledge needed

Reduce your costs

Cloud is the future

93% of all organizations have migrated at least some of their workloads to the cloud.

Cloud migration could add $1 trillion in value for enterprises by 2030.

Azure and AWS are more powerful and cost-effective platforms for your WordPress website.

All our products are carefully crafted keeping your needs in mind whether you’re a

Mom and pop store

Not happy with your current hosting provider

Medium sized business

wanting container and serverless architecture, A/B testing etc


looking for a spectacular solution for your clients’ organization

At Slarti, you are always well taken care of.

Hi. I’m Jason Southgate

I know what it’s like to have your business and reputation on the line.But that’s what should inspire us to push boundaries even further instead of scaring us down. 

I’ve spent decades providing technical solutions to leading businesses, building successful cloud platforms for leading telecoms, and DevOps products for global businesses.

Along the way, I have embraced two core beliefs:

Hence, I built Slarti.

Slarti is your best friend for migrating your WordPress website to the cloud and building the right cloud infrastructure, so you can focus on growing your business.

All of Slarti’s products and services keep these 7 brand values at heart:

Humans, Not Forums

Experiment for you – Try reaching out to WordPress or BlueHost. Good luck finding anything other than forums. Now, write to us at or call us at +44 203 813 0988 and see how quickly you get to speak to an actual human who cares. 🙂

We Keep It Sweet And Simple

We really go the extra mile to remove the complexity and jargon from cloud computing, keeping Slarti easy and dependable for you.
Just set it and forget it.

Partners, Not Sellers

Our flexible need-based products and services (Cloud migration, Infrastructure as a Service, and Artificial Intelligence) are created for your business. We aren’t done until your website is safely migrated and functioning fully.

Battle-Tested And Proven

Our rock-solid, tried, and tested products keep your website and all the data safe.
To use Slarti’s products, just click a few buttons as you’re guided along. Our automated end-to-end products does everything.

The Driver, Not The Driven

Slarti is democratic and we believe in personal service. We hold ourselves accountable. Our experts guide you through any trouble.

Low Cost, High Performance

Improve your business outcomes + Pay as you go.
That’s how it should be.

Planned Growth, Not Accidental Luck

The ability to grow at speed matters. We get you running on Azure, AWS, or GCP within minutes.