Pursue. Lead. Sell.

Manage relationships and sales

Core CRM

Manage, communicate and store leads, contacts and customers

Sales Pipeline

Track potential buyers through each step of the sales pipeline

Calling & SMS

One-click call and SMS, along with power and predictive dialers

Power Dialer

Focus leads using advanced filters and begin a power dialing session


Command all communications from a central location


Link email, use pre-set templates and send emails


Send quotes, submit invoices, and secure payment


Set appointments, manage calendar and request help

Call Recording

Store recordings for future training and reference

Predictive Dialer

Use predictive dialer to reach leads faster and with less resources.


Keep track of activity, communication, and opportunity


Utilize custom fields and activities to optimize workflow

High-performance communication

The most important aspect of acquiring a customer is great communication, and we have you covered.

All interactions in one place

Enjoy the ability to reference previous messages, manage task and appointments and save call recordings.

Track through entire deal flow

Potential customers must be cultivated through each step of the process, and we give you the tools to customize your sales process, track leads through each step, manage the associated value and close deals.

A centralized location for all communications

Potential clients have certain expectations, and it’s become necessary to incorporate flexibility into your communication strategy. We have integrated all communications to be managed in one place, including calls, SMS (text messages) and emails. Each communication is connected to a specific lead or contact, enabling you to stay organized and be more efficient. All calls and messages are stored for a specified time period for future reference.

The best system to track your sales process

Atmos understands business and the resources it takes to secure a sale, and our goal is to put dollars back in your pocket.

Track campaigns

Atmos is the first system on the market to treat campaigns different from warm leads, giving you greater control.


Customize your deal flow and track opportunities through each step of the sales process.

Take your wins to the bank

CRMs are a great way to manage leads and store information, but you care about your bottom line. Atmos gives you all of the tools needed to store leads, communicate with potential clients and track those parties through the sales process, and we’ve also developed a way for you to get paid. Enjoy a fully integrated quoting and invoice system, where you can email invoices and use our payment integrations to see funds arrive to your bank account.

“As a long time business owner, one of my biggest issues has been data. We have tons of it, but what do we do with it? Using Atmos, all of our data is now synced and usable.”
Luise Momento

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