Attract. Convert. Close.

Put your marketing on autopilot


Schedule and send multi-step sequences and broadcasts

A/B Testing

Compare campaign variants via our split-testing technology

Email Template Builder

Create simple text and visual templates. If needed, save for later

Listings and Ads

Boost awareness by building and publishing Listings and Ads


Send emails in bulk to leads, contacts and customers


Build, schedule and send custom drip campaigns


Use triggers to initiate actions based on system events

Headline Optimizer

Use A/B (or split) testing to optimize various headlines

All your marketing tools in one place

What’s the benefit? Your Marketing Module will integrate with every portion of the Atmos system, including our CRM.

Focus more of your time on revenue generation

At Atmos, we believe you should automate your campaigns, giving you more time to focus on growth.

Data should be the focal point of your marketing

Regardless of experience, each company has a different message and strategy. Make data-driven decisions.


The most intuitive marketing system on the market

Atmos Marketing is powerful, and our system gives you the tools to build and schedule visually appealing and effective email templates and automations. From beginner to expert, we’ve made it simple..

We automate your campaigns

From scheduled releases to triggers, our automations will create more engagement.

Feature-Rich Automations

Create and schedule marketing automations, such as broadcasts or sequences, and use triggers to send dynamically.

Automations Dashboard

Keep track of your campaigns and assess email performance. Create campaign folders or filter by status, campaign type or date.

A/B Testing helps you optimize ads faster.

Gain valuable insight into the best advertisements and marketing campaigns for your business. .

“As a long time business owner, one of my biggest issues has been data. We have tons of it, but what do we do with it? Using Atmos, all of our data is now synced and usable.”
Luise Momento

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