Analyze. Settings. Action.

Oversee all aspects of the operation

Site Analytics

Site Analytics

Focus leads using advanced filters and begin a power dialing session

Import and Export

Import and Export

Access to sophisticated import, export and mapping tools

User Management

User Management

One-click call and SMS, along with power and predictive dialers

PIM System

PIM System

Utilize product management to showcase your unique products

Programing, Data

Custom Workflows

Every business is different, and our system transforms to fit your need

Help Desk

Use Support to manage, store, and resolve tickets

Eligibility and Fulfillment

Generate eligibility files and fulfill orders for more complex products


System Tracking

Conveniently track every key-stroke of your users and agents

Gain valuable insights

The Analytics tool allows you to dig deeper into company performance to view metrics from any aspect.

Manage products

Our fully-integrated PIM system gives you the ability to upload products, manage inventory and track COGS.

Integrated telephony

Atmos supports Twilio, any VoIP phone provider or Click-to-Call. Power and predictive dialers are available, with additional support features such as voicemail drops, conference and whisper mode and more advanced features.


Create unique roles and permissions for any user

Each company is different, and we didn’t try to create all of the potential user roles necessary for your company. Instead, we created a few likely user cases and left the rest up to you. User roles may be customized to fit all possible employment types. Of course, you can also add users, delete users or manage user credentials with a few keystrokes. In addition, the system tracks each user to see prior actions by each user. You have full autonomy.

Manage your data with the click of a button

A company is only as great as its data, and we understand the importance. You’re in good hands with Atmos.

Import and mapping

Enjoy access to sophisticated import and mapping tools, including mapping of custom fields and activities.

Export, delete or store

All company data is stored within Atmos for a specified time period but may be exported or deleted anytime.

Learn and grow with analytics

Companies have lots of  great data, but it’s often not in usable form. Atmos consolidates company data  to an Analytics tool, giving you access to many graphs, metrics and comparisons. View minute-by-minute  updates or compare this period to last period. Spend less time compiling data and more time focusing on revenue-generation. For example, quickly view your top performing products or assess revenue today verses this time last year.

“As a long time business owner, one of my biggest issues has been data. We have tons of it, but what do we do with it? Using Atmos, all of our data is now synced and usable.”
Luise Momento

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