Structure Ace Inc

Its not just in name its
who we are!

Construction, hybridized DC Infastructure, Geothermal technology, Clean Energy delivery, Energy Efficiency and Net Zero Energy Metering, allowing the attainability of a sustainable future for homes, businesses, communities, cities, and governments domestic and abroad.
Together our team has engineered, managed and/or deployed over 4.8GW of projects domestically and internationally and have installed over 10 Million Squares of roofing.
With everything that we do we are committed to providing our clients with integrity-filled materials, project management, planning, labor, and transparency.

NABCEP Certified engineers

Some of the highlights of our team’s accomplishments are being NABCEP Certified engineers,
  1. FSEC/SEI solar farm designers
  2. NCCER Electrical Certified, Having a background Solid State Physics (SOLAR), AIA instructors
  3. Half-moon EE CE Instructors (Electrical Engineering) Energy Program Coordinator for USMC (DOD)
  4. IEM Certified (BY USMC), USACE/NAVFAC CQCM Construction Quality Control Managers (ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS)
  5. Have received certificates of Appreciation from USMC for successful Completion of 100 Military Energy Projects valued at $35M
  6. HAAG Engineering Certified Inspectors, Certified Control4 Automation Programmers and more!
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