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Helping you manage your facility’s roofing budget by providing you with the information you need at your fingertips to make timely, costeffective decisions
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You cannot afford to have an out-of-sight, out-of-mind mentality with your building envelope, especially the roof. Roofing is one of the most expensive investments a building owner can make, and it pays to keep track of its performance. The Garland Roof Asset Management Program (RAMP), with an integrated suite of professional roof management services, is designed to extend the working life of your roofs while increasing the value of your properties. By organizing your roofing records in the RAMP customized database, you can document periodic maintenance, verify roof conditions, and manage your roofing assets proactively.

Our roof inspection process


Your local representative will conduct facility surveys and create a customized database of all relevant roofing information, from construction details and inspection reports to roof maintenance histories and digital documentation of problem areas.


Using RAMP, your representative will then analyze your data and propose recommendations based on your specific needs, expectations, and budget.


Reports are made available to your team in whatever format you prefer, including hard copy for meeting presentations or online for real-time sharing with employees and associates in multiple locations.

Features & Benefits

Includes construction details, photographic documentation, visual observation notes, core sample documentation, and lab analysis reports, as needed, to help keep track of your roofing inventory and assist you in developing a roofing asset management plan
Document every repair and renovation to help you account for all work performed and analyze maintenance costs to justify staying the course or moving to capital expenditures
Prioritize roofing requirements, enabling you to increase facility uptime through the predictable scheduling of preventive maintenance
Helps you hold your suppliers accountable, eliminating problems resulting from neglected maintenance or misplaced documentation
Helps you determine the cost/value performance of alternative roofing solutions using industry-recognized models
Allows you to share data seamlessly with others in your organization for improved internal communication and more timeefficient management
Includes a comparative analysis of Garland and Structure Ace modified bitumen, metal, and sustainable highperformance roofing solutions based on application-specific concerns and requirements
Through this sector we facilitate the process in getting your insurance carrier to uphold their legal obligation of paying for damages on the property that has resulted in weatherrelated incidents that routinely occur throughout the Country. The process is initially ignited by a complementary drone inspection by one of our HAAG Engineering Certified inspectors who are trained from an engineering perspective to diagnose damage
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